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August 5, 2007


*-Denotes: Suck it Bud Selig.


Jesus said...

I'm not one to comment in my OWN blog, but I posted this elsewhere and figured I'd post it here.


Alright...let me go out on a limb here.

Jose Canseco claims (although, you have to give his "claims" SOME sort of listen, right?) that steroids started blowing up in 1988.

Game of Shadows, the book about Bonds, says that he started using after the summer of 1998. I right in assuming that Jose Canseco and Ken Caminiti were the ONLY guys usiung steroids between 1988 and 2000?

Am I?!?

Fuck off, "purists"...Bonds is your home run king. And remember this, when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record, people bitched and moaned and (I'm willing to bet), you are pointed to your guy and said..."suck it, he's the king".

Baseball became this monster, and now we have to live with it...and I LOVE IT! The guys breaking records now are guys that I remember seeing in the fishwrap from day one.

And as far as A-Rod hitting 800...ain't gonna happen. I predict the mound height gets fucked with within the next five years or so to give pitchers more of an advantage AND take some heat off the "is he" or "isn't he" debate that rages EVERY time a hitter knocks a few out.

Lastly...Bud Selig should openly embrace Bonds. Bonds is the top story EVERY NIGHT on SportsCenter. Every one of his last 55 home runs seem to be on the "top ten plays" highlight reel the night he goes yard.

Last Saturday more people saw an MLB game live than EVER before.


Bonds, baby, Bonds.

The dude is the anti-hero that brings people to the gates. Love him or hate know you look to see what he did following each and every Giants game.

nick underhill said...

email me man, i dont know how to get ahold of you. i can't find your address...