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January 30, 2008

Brady Anderson is a pimp (

Earlier this month, former Oriole outfielder Brady Anderson parlayed the support Hall of Fame support he received from former teammate Cal Ripken, Jr. into zero (yes, ZERO) votes.

In the five years between his last Major League at bat and the Hall voting, Anderson has been named in the Mitchell Report, had his sexuality questioned, sired some bastard kid with a Bulgarian supermodel, became co-owner of the ABA Hollywood Fame and is rumored to be part of the upcoming cast of Dancing with the Stars (he's not).

His latest antics (click on the picture) take the cake I'm afraid.

Let me get this straight...this guy could walk into a club and get ANY girl he wanted, but instead he's throwing his junk around Los Angeles and trying to bed anything that will answer a text message? Is he the only player besides Barry Bonds to have had both a 50 home run season and a 50 steal season (he is) or a fraternity president?

Personally, I still think of him as part of the trade (along with Curt Schilling) that brought Mike Boddicker to Boston in 1988. I'm lying...I'll always remember him for the bitchin' sideburns.

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E said...

Yeah, the funny thing about those 50 HRs and 50 steals is that he never came anywhere near those numbers again. Just that one time (and not at the same time, to boot).

And he didn't get any Hall votes? GET OUT!

chili cookoff trophies said...

Brady Anderson is a pimp? I dunno. I just think he is just trying to live his life and most probably made some wrong decisions. You be the judge.