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March 5, 2008

Someone died today...I think

I want to apologize up front for deviating from the norm…but I think the news of the day warrants it.

Apparently Brett Favre died today.

I know what you’re thinking “ummm, I believe he just retired”…but I’d have to disagree. You see, I have two TVs in my office (yes, I’m THAT much of a prick that I believe one just isn't sufficient) and while one was tuned to whatever local affiliate I had on, the other was on ESPN or one of its subsidiaries.


Not because I was recently mentioned in one of Rob Neyer’s blogs on (check it out HERE), but because, like I said…apparently Brett Favre died. ESPN had around the clock coverage of this news story, but let’s face it…it wasn’t like this was a surprise.

I’m pretty sure that every year after the Green Bay Packers bow out of the playoffs or whatever lackluster season they just had, EVERYONE and their mother ASSUMES that Favre MIGHT not be coming back. Well, this year, evidently, he’s “mentally tired” and is saying goodbye.

Haven’t we heard this before from this guy?

Pretty much.

As sports fans, haven’t we heard this before from plenty of other athletes?

Yes…we have.

Pull out the crayons and color me skeptical, but I’m not 100% sold on the fact that we won’t see Brett Favre lace ‘em up and throw another one of his all-time leading interceptions (a record that people seem to forget that he holds)…but we’ve heard this song and dance before.

If it is indeed over, maybe it was fitting that Favre ended his career with an overtime turnover versus the Giants. Instead of picking up his ball and going home, he just heaved it down the field to the opponent.

And then, like Warren Sapp (who, by the way, ALSO retired today), he quit.

After all the tributes come and go (and there WILL be plenty), I guess Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk summed it up best when he said “the state of Wisconsin is going to be in mourning for a while”.

I’m just not sure why.

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E said...

Jordan retired three times...and came back from two of those. The third time, he was such a joke that coming back would have made him look like a complete moron.