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May 26, 2008

Stay classy, San Francisco

Perhaps they learned from their mistakes last Fall (doubtful) or maybe they just like Omar Vizquel better (probable)...but the San Francisco Giants handled Omar Vizquel's record setting accomplishment yesterday like champs.

When Vizquel was inserted into the lineup against the Florida Marlins...he trotted out to shortstop like he had 2,582 times before. But this time, he stood alone. Metaphorically AND literally.

The spotlight was his to savor and he was saluted.

Now, and only because Vizquel is in the news, the debate will surely begin as to whether or not Sheik Omar is a lock for the Hall of Fame. I've stated MY case, but with the throng of other candidates surely to be up for consideration at the same time Vizquel comes due...the outlook is murky when you look at the first ballot.

One point to ponder...EVERY player that leads their position in games played is in the Hall of Fame sans two. Omar...obviously.

The other?

Barry Lamar Bonds.

BallHype: hype it up!

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