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March 11, 2009

Cooperstown's Calling: Frank Thomas

Yesterday, I put up Trevor Hayes' awesome "Cooperstown's Calling" column for mass consumption. I know, I know, "mass consumption" is probably more apt when talking about the Hall of Fame's official website and not this one...but I digress.

Trevor writes: "Frank Thomas has voiced his pain. He said he's not hurting anymore. Instead, what ails The Big Hurt is that his services are for hire, yet he can't find any takers.

The cratering market for ballplayers has left many stars out in the cold, while teams go young and cheap. In this economy, injury-plagued designated hitters like Thomas are a hard sell -- no matter how many accolades they've earned."

Read Part Two of "Cooperstown's Calling" HERE! Check out what the Hall of Very Good had to say about The Big Hurt last May HERE.

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