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April 28, 2009

Happy Mustache May from JB

***With Mustache May right around the corner, Hall contributor JB broke out the razor, said "goodbye" to the lip sweater and "hello" to the dawn of a new one. Here's his take.***

As a mild-mannered, soon to be 35 year-old, I find that few things excite me in life the way they used to.

Apart from “scoring” with my fiancé (anyone married or committed will tell you, yes, you do have to still put in work), playing with my dog, Hobbs (yes, after “Roy”) and my ever-improving golf game, there are not a lot of things that genuinely excite me the way that, say….how I felt when the original RBI Baseball came out for Nintendo.

That was until I found out about Mustache May.

I gotta admit, I jumped the gun a little and started growing a hybrid-horseshoe about three and a half weeks ago...much to the chagrin of my fiancé.

So when the "rules" were finally posted, I was pretty bummed.
At lunch, I had to trim the flavor-saver down to stubble and prepare for this Friday morning and plan my next ‘stached endeavor. I’m thinking a horseshoe-meets-Paul Teutul, Sr. from "American Choppers"...but we’ll see.

As I swept up the brown-black-reddish-orange-gray (thank you, Irish heritage) pieces of my once proud lip partner...I remembered that at one time I had nothing.

Above my lip that is.

I realize that all great mustaches start from scratch.

So as all you faithful HOVG followers plan out your facial features in the next two days, I’ll leave you with baseball’s most famous mustache’s 1970 Topps card (his 1969 rookie card was shared with Bob Floyd and Larry Burchart).

No excuses to those of you who feel you can’t (def: won’t) grow out a solidarity ‘stache for May. At one time, Rollie Fingers had nothing.

Above his lip that is.

BallHype: hype it up!

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