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April 28, 2009

Mustache May is on, gang!

Friday marks the beginning of the Third Annual Mustache May.

The Inaugural Mustache May happened back in 2004, and didn't extend much further than the walls of one office building.The Second Mustache May was clearly the highlight of 2005.

Thanks to advances in modern internet technology, websites were made, an official Myspace (remember Myspace?) group was formed and t-shirts (still available HERE)
were sold.

Mustache May was now international.

Then we took a break for four years. Some things happened…we were busy.

Well, The Hall of Very Good (with the support of The American Mustache Institute) is helping bring back the ‘stache!

So, in a lead-up to the official May 1 start date, here are the three original rules of Mustache May:
  • Mustaches must be separated from any other facial hair by at least the combined width of a forefinger and middle finger. However, a mustache is permitted to connect to sideburns to attain that coveted "nose strap" look.
  • Mustaches must be started from scratch. If you already have a beard or mustache, you must lose the lip sweater by May 1.

  • Mustache May is a celebration and NOT a competition! However, if you shave your mustache before the end of the month…you lose.

Each day throughout the month of May (hopefully by 8am CST), The Hall is pleased to deliver to you a baseball ‘stache of the day replete with the player’s stats, significance to the game and style of cookie duster based on the AMI style guide.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what style you’re hoping to achieve or just keep us up dated on all your mustachioed goodness. Also…feel free to email The Hall so you can get hooked up with the Mustache May 2009 Facebook group.

As Dr. Aaron Perlut would say…carry on.

BallHype: hype it up!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

From what i saw you could have put alittle cream on that so called mustache (Josh) and had a cat lick it off. Don't be fooled by his letter it wasn't that good!
Uncy G