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May 9, 2009

Mustache May 'stache of the Day: Biff Pocoroba

Thanks to the continued support of the American Mustache Institute, it is with great pleasure that I continue our month long celebration of the 'stache with Biff Pocoroba.

Pocoroba is a player, who, basically, was an enigma.

As a rookie in 1975, he gained attention by throwing out 11 straight would-be base stealers. Somehow, he was an All-Star in 1978. Most remarkably...his given name is actually "Biff".

AMI Style
: Pocoroba's rocking a pencil. Sadly, I don't think it is on purpose.

Grade: D
Pocoroba's pencil is obviously inadvertant. Frankly...I can't imagine why he would intentionally grow out this particular lip curtain.

A special thanks to for the use of their images.

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Anonymous said...

Adam Morrison he is not