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May 1, 2009

Mustache May 'stache of the Day: Luis Tiant

Thanks to the continued support of the American Mustache Institute, it is with great pleasure that I begin our month long celebration of the 'stache with one of the fiercest mustaches ever to rock the baseball world.

Of course I am talking about "El Tiante" Luis Tiant.

AMI Style: I've gotta go with a horsehoe-walrus (walshoe... horserus?) combo. Any suggestions as to what to call this beauty?

Grade: A+++ You can't go wrong with "El Tiante"...way to start us off!

Some of you will say I am biased. Sure, thanks to my pal Sidearm, I have an autographed Tiant ball in my office, but c'mon...look at it. My guess is that of the 229 victories during Tiant's Hall-worthy career, 55-60 of them were thanks in large part to his luxurious lip curtain.

As a sidenote, the ESPN Tribeca Sports Film Festival is going to be showing what appears to be a great documentary about Tiant. Check out some clips HERE.

A special thanks to for the use of their images.

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Anonymous said...

Mustache May is a holiday worth celebrating, revering, and even brings cause for dance.

Thank you for your commitment to supporting people of Mustached American descent.

Dr. Abraham J. Froman /
The American Mustache Institute