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May 15, 2009

Mustache May 'stache of the Day: Rollie Fingers

Thanks to the continued support of the American Mustache Institute, it is with great pleasure that I continue our month long celebration of the 'stache with the king...Rollie Fingers.

I wasn't going to go with Fingers...too easy. But after missing a day, I figured I owed it to everyone to show them the best 'stache EVER to grace Major League Baseball and, eventually, Cooperstown.

AMI Style: Handlebar. Period.

Grade: A+
Fingers would score higher if he could. His 'stache defined a generation.

If you are feeling up to it this weekend, it appears as though I'll be updating the world on the status of Mustache May over at 720 WGN-AM Sunday night at midnight CST.

Nick Digilio has been kind enough to extend the invitation...and I will do my best not to let you down. Listen online HERE!

A special thanks to for the use of their images.

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