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May 24, 2009

No mustache, no thong...Giambi hits 400

Last year at this time, all the talk surrounding Jason Giambi was about mustaches and golden thongs.

This year, we're talking his return to Oakland and, today...his 400th home run.

When The Hall previewed the upcoming American League West milestones back in March, all thought was that Giambi would have surpassed 400 sometime in Mid-April. Unfortunately, a terrible slump pushed back the milestone.

Giambi returned to Oakland, where he spent the first seven years of his career before playing for the Yankees for seven seasons, in the off season. He hit 209 homers with New York, and his 191 homers for the A's put him in a tie with Gus Zernial for ninth-most in club history.

"I was glad the fans here got a chance to see it where I started my career," said Giambi after the game. "The fans have always been great to me here."

Having passed up Andres Galarraga and Al Kaline on the all-time list, Giambi is now the 44th player in big league history to hit 400 career homers. Next up on the list, Hall of Famer Duke Snider at 407.

After that...500? We'll see.

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1 comment:

David Allan said...

How many guys have 200 home runs with two teams? I know manny hit number 200 with the Sox in Toronto a couple years ago.

Any idea what kind of company will join after he hits 9 more with the A's?