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May 4, 2009

MM09: so good!

All in all, Mustache May has gone off without a hitch. We've gotten some notice and all in complaints.

Last Thursday, in preparation for Mustache May, Dr. Aaron Perlut made mention of MM09 during his weekly column over at
He writes:

"Welcome back to The Shakedown! Friday begins "Mustache May," as our friends at the Hall of Very Good are reporting. While that did not stop the Cardinals' Rick Ankiel from killing an angel in heaven by shaving his lip garment..."
Read the rest HERE.

Then, on Friday, our friends at the American Mustache Institute sent out this decree.

"Today begins Mustache May. Not 'mOUstache' May, because spelling mustache with an 'OU' is communist. But 'mUstache' May. So what is this devine holiday you might ask?"
Check out the rest HERE!

The coup de gras (so far) came on Friday night, when WGN 720 Radio DJ Nick Digilio joined in and alerted his viewers that it was officially Mustache May.

Listen to the podcast HERE!

Join in on the madness, gang. Be part of the trend that is surely going to sweep some portion of the nation. Email The Hall with 'stache of the Day suggestions, photos, contributions, etc.

Also...check out Mustache May over on Facebook and keep up to date on the time and place for the proposed "Mustache May 'stache Bash Bar Crawl".

MM09...God 'stache America!

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