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June 30, 2009

"The Machine" keeps on keeping on

Back in March, The Hall pointed out that Albert Pujols "is 31 home runs away from 350, 23 RBI from 1000 and 53 runs from 1000."

Well, with two home runs against the Giants Tuesday night, "The Machine" sits one long ball away from 350. More impressive...with 30 this season, he became the first player to start his career with nine straight seasons with 30 or more homers.


Also, his 30 home runs marks only the tenth time a player has hit 30 prior to the All-Star break. Barry Bonds holds the record with 39, Mark McGwire is next with 37. My guess is Pujols is sitting somewhere near 34 or 35 by the time MLB takes its break.

“It’s not what you did last year. It’s what you’re going to do this year. That’s more important," Pujols once told reporters.

Well, so far "this year", Pujols is on pace to smash his career high in home runs (49), RBI (137) and OPS+ (190). If he continues on this torrid pace...he's likely to bring home his third MVP award.

Remind me again why everyone is so enamored with Alex Rodriguez surpassing Bonds' career home run totals?

It's clear to me, that "Phat Albert" is much more the complete player and barring another errant leak or Selena Roberts investigation...he's every bit as likely to end up as the greatest overall hitter of his generation.

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Brandon said...

Agreed all around. When all is said and done, it would not surprise me to see Albert sitting at ~640 home runs, ~3400 hits, and maybe even the 2000 run and RBI mark. His percentage numbers (currently .334/.427/.631) are very likely to be the best of our generation as well.

We're witnessing something special with Albert Pujols right now, and we shouldn't take it lightly.

Jesus Melendez said...

Not that it would matter at this point, but let's just hope that he's clean.