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June 26, 2009

Meet the Venezuelan Hit King

On the same night when the "King of Pop" died...Omar Vizquel became the "Venezuelan Hit King".

I know, I know...dumb seque. But the fact remains...with a single in the first, Vizquel surpassed Luis Aparicio on the all-time list with 2678 hits.

"Finally. Wow. I feel 100 pounds lighter," Vizquel told reporters following the game. "I can go out and enjoy the game again and forget about everything else."

Hopefully, this all but cements Vizquel's case for the Hall of Fame.

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Dan said...

I'm sorry but I do not believe Vizquel is a Hall of Famer. Under 2700 hits in 21 season... Great fielder but no Ozzie Smith case on this one.

Jesus Melendez said...

But 2460 hits in 19 seasons does?

Let's break it down:
Omar...2678 hits in 2708 games.
Ozzie...2460 hits in 2573.

Omar...273 batting avg.
Ozzie...262 batting avg.

Omar...11 Gold Gloves, .985 fielding percentage.
Ozzie...13 Gold Gloves, .978 fielding percentage.

I guess I need to know why people are less than enthusiastic about Omar...but herald Ozzie as THE shortstop of measure. Among shortstops, Omar is the all-time leader in MANY categories...both offensively AND defensively.

Call me crazy, but dude is a first ballot guy.

Brandon said...

Defensively speaking, Omar Visquel rates as simply "very good" in most metrics. His fielding percentage is fantastic, as are his gold gloves. But the people who vote on gold gloves are rather clueless (hell, Derek Jeter's gotten one!) and shouldn't really be used in consideration.

If I recall, one of Bill James best guesses at rating defense rated Visquel as a B or B+ shortstop, while Ozzie got an A+. While zone rating certainly isn't the best metric either, Visquel ended his career with a +123 in that category, with 7 years above +10 (and 4 separate years being negative.)

Ozzie ended his career at +213. 11 times he topped +10 (narrowly missing it 2 other times) and only once was he negative (in his second to last season, and even then it was only by -0.1.)

Also, relative to the league fielding percentages for shortstops, both were equally above average at 0.13% better than the norm.

On top of all of this, Ozzie Smith's career OPS+ actually surpasses Visquel's. As much as it pains me to say it (and, as a die hard Indian's fan who honestly loved watching Visquel), Visquel just doesn't seem like a hall of famer to me. He does, in fact, appear very overrated.

In all likely hood he'll still make the Hall, though. He just wouldn't get my vote.

Jesus Melendez said...

Here's the thing though...Ryne Sandberg's credentials were that he hit the most home runs as a second baseman. Carlton Fisk was the all-time games leader at catcher. The Hall voters LOVE stats like that.

So, isn't it likely that the all-time everything at shortstop (and Venezuelans) gets into the Hall? It just might take him a while.

Brandon said...

Oh, I agree. This will be eaten up by the Hall voters and he'll most likely make it in (I agree that it probably wont be on the first try, but we'll see.)

My only point is that I don't feel he particularly deserves to make it in. His numbers are rather mediocre and his defense is highly overrated. As has been mentioned previously though, I don't really put a whole lot of faith in the Hall voters to necessarily do what's right, so I imagine Omar will be enshrined eventually.