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June 16, 2009

"Pudge" "Pudge"

If you follow The Hall on Twitter (and if you aren't...why not?), you know that tonight was the night when Ivan Rodriguez tied Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk as the all-time leader in games played behind the dish.

That's right..."Pudge" is now tied with "Pudge".

The current Astros catcher caught his record-tying 2226th game against the very team that signed him as a 16 year-old back in 1988...the Texas Rangers.

"I'm very pleased," Rodriguez told reporters following the milestone game. "It's an unbelievable record to tie Carlton Fisk. I respect him a lot and to be able to get to his mark is an honor for me. I saw him and the way he works and takes care of himself and was able to play that many games, and I tried to follow his steps and tried to keep myself in good shape. Look where I am. I tied him, and it will be an honor to be able to break it and establish a new record."

"I-Rod" is the all-time leader in hits among catchers and sitting at 2650 hits, it remains to be seen if he's got enough in him to be the first to see 3000.

As it is...he's also ranked first all-time among catchers in doubles, putouts and with his 13 Gold Gloves and 14 All-Star Games, he's poised to enter Cooperstown as the greatest catcher ever.

Yes...ever. And to think, in March...Trevor Hayes wondered if the former MVP Rodriguez was going to find a job.

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