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July 23, 2009


With a big thanks to Dewayne Wise, White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game today. You might remember, Buehrle also threw a no-hitter April 18, 2007 against the Texas Rangers.

And how good (read: "lucky") was Buehrle? Three times he went to a three ball count. Not too shabby.

But why waste your time reading MY what the Chicago Tribune has to say about it.
One last thing...I'm pretty sure Jim Parque would like to personally thank Buehrle for officially knocking the White Sox beat writers off his back this afternoon.

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Dan said...

I actually read Parque's story in its entirety but I didn't make the White Sox connection after hearing of Buerhle's perfect game. I bet he's not thrilled, however. I'm sure he's happy for Buerhle--no question--but he wrote the article because he wanted to get his story and message out there. So I do not believe he wants it to be forgotten.