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July 16, 2009

Philadelphia Pedro

Is it 2005?

Did the Phillies just win the conveted Pedro Martinez sweepstakes?

Should we care THIS MUCH about where a guy who has 17 wins over the last three seasons decides to pitch?

The answer to the first questions is "no" and unless you've been in a coma...the answer to the last is a resounding "I guess".

Seriously, EVERYONE (myself included
HERE, HERE and HERE) has been talking about the guy over the last few months and its been almost nonstop since the weekend.

And while you can't turn on SportsCenter without seeing or hearing the

“I might surprise you, I might’s going to be really fun to go find out" quote I thought I'd inundate you with what the Twitterers (Tweeters?) have been saying.

DanWalshed: How good has Pedro Martinez been? He could go 0-100 and still be 15 games over .500 for his career. One of the all time greats.

CSCoordinator: There's a reason why Adam Eaton was employed at the beginning of the season and Pedro Martinez was not...Just Saying.

Phrontiersman: Pedro Martinez is to 2009 Phillies as Bill Walton is to 1986 Celtics. Take it to the bank, baby.

d_fienberg: The Phillies paid a million bucks to put Pedro Martinez on the DL. I'd like them to know that I'd go on the DL for $50,000.

MikeBiondi: I love the sound of Phillies fans talking themselves into Pedro Martinez. Listen: he couldn't hit 93 on the gun in a Ferrari.

pkisubika: Is it just me or does Pedro Martinez look like a young Redd Foxx?

Nice work, internet...nice work.

Only with the signing of Martinez can Elton John's classic "Philadelphia Freedom" be lodged into my skull. Seriously, hum the thing to yourself, then when the chorus hits...blurt out "Philadelphia Pedro" instead of the song's title.

It's infectious.

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1 comment:

SJA said...

He's only valid if he can still put Don Zimmer in a headlock or knock him down.