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August 7, 2009

Is this the end for the Giambino?

Alright, I'm chalking this one up to laziness, but given Tony over at already "broke" the need to re-make the wheel.

The Oakland A's today released Jason Giambi, who was on the disabled list but only hitting .193 while he was healthy. It ends the second stint in Oakland for Giambi.

I think it's surprising any time a baseball team outright releases a player, especially one of Giambi's name and reputation, but it's not a shock in terms of production. Giambi played in 83 games for the A's this season and was last in the league in batting average.

The question now is if anyone will sign him for the stretch run.

My guess is that he doesn't end up with anyone. An American League team is the only logical fit but many of the contending teams don't have room for him. Giambi could perhaps catch on as a pinch hitter, but with a .193 average, teams aren't exactly going to be knocking down his door.

As you might remember, The Hall followed Jason Giambi's quest for 400 home runs HERE and HERE.

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