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August 2, 2009

"Rickey is so very, very, very humble."

Maybe it's just me...but there sure seemed to be an awful lot of fanfare surrounding the Oakland Athletics retiring Rickey Henderson's number on Saturday.

I get the former teammates and family being present. They helped make Rickey, um...Rickey.

I totally understand the podium so Henderson can speak to the sold out crowd of 35,067 in attendance.

Current Oakland superstar Jason Giambi presenting him with a uniquely crafted crystal trophy, I can accept that, too.

But the fireworks, Henderson walking down the red carpet extending from centerfield to the infield and the subsequent gold base that welcomed him...that might have been a little much. Add to that the fact that Oakland kicked off Rickey Henderson Month (yes, August is officially Rickey Henderson Month in Oakland)

And I like the guy...a lot!

To hear Henderson's entire speech from Saturday and to witness the fanfare firsthand, head on over to

In case you were wondering, Henderson became the fifth Oakland player to have his number retired by the team, joining Dennis Eckersley (43), Rollie Fingers (34), Catfish Hunter (27) and Reggie Jackson (9).

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E said...

I thought Mantan Moreland and Stepin Fetchit were dead, but apparently not, as one of them must be responsible for writing Rickey's speech.