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August 4, 2009

Twitter Tuesday starts today

If the Twitter world can have such "imaginative" days as Music Monday and Follow Friday (I’m still not sure when I am suppose to use the “#” and when I’m not)…why can’t The Hall of Very Good have its own Twitter trend?

Welcome to Twitter Tuesday!

What is Twitter Tuesday? Well…I’ll tell ya.

Every Tuesday morning, The Hall is going to deliver to you some tweets to help get you through the daily grind.

They’ll be broken up thusly.

Infield Chatter is your weekly collection of interesting tweets by some current and former Major League Baseball players.

The Buzz is your voice. Here you’ll find the thoughts of what the folks on the interwebs are talking about…HOVG style. In short, if I find something interesting…I’m curious what the Twitter world thinks as well.

Follow Friday (Tuesday Style). Simply put, I’m bringing “Follow Friday” to Tuesdays. Need someone new to follow…you’ll find that person here.

And yeah, I was using “imaginative” facetiously…by no way am I thinking alliteration is clever. Unfortunately, the best name I had in the arsenal was “Twitter Tuesday”.

BallHype: hype it up!

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