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August 17, 2009

Twitter Tuesday...August 18, 2009

Still don't know what Twitter Tuesday is? Don't waste Google's the link.

I'm not sure why, but no one really stepped it up this week...except CJ Nitkowski
. For my money, the guy is the best former or current big leaguer using Twitter. If you're not following him...start.

Here's a week's worth of Nitkowski:

"Batter in the box grabs his leg in serious pain. When our trainer gets back I ask, 'what, cramp?' He said, 'No, bug bite.' Only in Korea!"

"A friend asked me the other day if I'd ever been to Washington, DC. I found that odd since we were teammates on the Washington Nationals."

"Normally getting hit on inflates the ego, but not when it's by two guys from the other team. Used the international sign for 'no thanks'."

"A teammate was dragging today so I offered him an energy drink I have from home. He asked me if it had steroids in it. Thanks Sen Mitchell!"

"Nothing unusual about today's pregame, unless you find ninjas jumping out of a helicopter, fighting & breaking stuff on the field unusual."

August is an odd time of the year...the baseball races are heating up, college and pro football is getting ready to kickoff and people are still talking about Brett Favre.


jonpyle: If I never heard the term Wildcat again, I'd die a happy man. Can we call it something else please? Anything but Brett Favre.

True_wesT: My wife could care less about football, and even SHE is sick of the Brett Favre story.

Truth_About_It: I'm probably the only person who is happy that Brett Favre is coming back. Don't the Mississippi White Boy and Purple Jesus make a good duo?

waskew: I want someone to go Tom Cable on Brett Favre.

jaredbridges: Brett Favre is thinking of returning again?! I'd say that I'm surprised but... well, that'd just be a stupid thing to say.

theRealELIG: Waiting for Brett Favre is like being a fat girl on Prom Night. Hate to break it to you. But he's not coming.

After a hiatus, the guys over at are back up and running. Need someone to follow? Check out the guy who brought it back...Gary Armida.

Need someone else to add to your "following" page? Take a minute to introduce yourself to one of my favorite people on the web (and sometimes Hall of Very Good contributor)...David Allan.

Have someone you think everyone should follow? Perhaps you yourself have read some interesting tweets in the past week…drop me a line or leave a comment below.

See you next Tuesday!

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