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August 25, 2009

Twitter Tuesday...August 25, 2009

It's a longish version of Twitter Tuesday today, gang. So, pack a sack lunch and wrap that soda can in tinfoil...we're in this one for the long haul. Still don't know what Twitter Tuesday is?

Don't waste Google's the link.

If there is one thing I've learned since starting the Infield Chatter is that ballplayers like to talk about food...and fashion.

GrillCheese49: Always enjoy people at the deli line in grocery store. amazing to watch impatience. Oscar Myer is already sliced for those who hate waiting!

: Heading to dinner with burt bacarach this evening and looking forward to some great stories!

BrentMayne: Folks don't dress as snappy here. No white pants and no red shoes.

CJNitkowski: Limited menu here, I ordered the "cheeseburger steak" & "shrimp fried rice". It came with about 1,000 pickles.

str8edgeracer: Standing on a corner near central park, not sure if that is fear or hunger on the faces of the hot dog cart customers

RaysJoeMaddon: Want 2 stir boys up, With hair know blonde/bleach done many times Chose black 4 ring of fire roadtrip When in doubt askwhat would JCash do?

And my absolute favorite tweet of the week...only because I DO understand sarcasm but I'm not sure if this is it or not.

G_Sarge_M: Some people just do not understand sarcasm. Also, congrats to #Alyssa_Milano on her recent nuptials!

20 years ago yesterday, Pete Rose was given a lifetime ban from then commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti. Plenty of people spent the day on Twitter comparing his suspension to dog fighting, murder and steroids...whereas Rose spent his day at Caesars Palace in (of all places) Las Vegas.

Missed from most discussions is the fact that IF Rose ever gets reinstated, he is not a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame since they are controlled by different entities.

justintbrown: "Will Pete Rose ever get into the Hall of Fame?" is the sportswriting equivalent of a "How did the dinosaurs really die?" column.

popbanter: Murderers, rapists and dog killers are reinstated to play in pro sports but Pete Rose can't get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Shame.

TheRandomManiac: pete rose DOES deserve to be in the HOF, gambling a way smaller sin then taking PED

Josh1938: Pete Rose is not allowed into the HOF, but OJ is allowed to remain in football's. I guess gambling is worse than murder and armed robbery.

socratic: The one thing that Pete Rose has going for him, I think, is that a lot of athletes are just kinda dumb. Has he ever tried the dumb defense?

Paneech1472: If Pete Rose would have ran a dogfighting ring, he would have been in ten years

kkolks: 20 years ago today, Pete Rose accepted his lifetime ban from baseball. If only he had shot himself in a club or ran over someone while drunk

PlacesRated: $279.99 - That's what Pete Rose charges for an autographed baseball inscribed with "I'm sorry I bet on baseball.

bakerdave127: 20 years ago today, pete rose heard his fate. so i think i'll head over to the red rooster for a "hall of fame" worthy baked chicken lunch.

It's rare that a guy with a WiffleBall bat becomes a YouTube sensation. It's even more rare when that guy ends up chatting it up on national television with David Letterman and featured in ballparks everywhere. Phone the neighbors, wake the's the Batting Stance Guy!

The good thing about following Gar is that he'll let you know when he's updated his repertoire AND ask for your insight on who he should tackle next.

Have someone you think everyone should follow? Perhaps you yourself have read some interesting tweets in the past week…
drop me a line or leave a comment below.

See you next Tuesday!

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