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August 31, 2009

Twitter Tuesday...September 1, 2009

We're in the home stretch baseball fans...welcome to September's first Twitter Tuesday. Still don't know what Twitter Tuesday is?

Don't waste Google's the link.

I've learned at least three things since starting the chatter a month players LOVE to talk about food, former Blue Jays hurler Todd Stottlemyre is crazy (about stocks) and if you're not following C.J.'re missing out.

So here's today's theme required.

ESPY_TEAHEN: John Buck and Mark each drank a Verve before the game tonight. John Buck and Mark each hit homers tonight. Verve= Results. Verve 4 everyone

ToddStottlemyre: china futures now higher, could set up for us to have big day tomorrow

chopper63: Sat next to a guy that looked like blue from old school, he was dressed in a wife beater and construction ear muffs. No joke

GrillCheese49: I am a Joe Mauer fan.Nice guy! He signed bat for me. WOW! I have a limited but very cool small collection of things for my mini HOF room.

BrentMayne: Tarantino officially rules. Basterds is long, violent, lots of subtitles...and GREAT. Who played the Nazi detective? Give him the award now.

BlakeHawksworth: If you don't like Salt & Vinegar chips you go ahead and get out of here!!!

CJNitkowski: Have you ever sat down to get your haircut and thought "Why am I getting a haircut? I like my hair today." That was me this afternoon.

Last week, we suggested you follow The Batting Stance Guy. This week (and yes, it IS just a coincidence), more people seem to be talking about him more than ever. Mostly positive, but some negative. Why the hate?

WIZfromDC: just talkin baseball with the FSN Batting Stance Guy while eatin bacon on a stick. Aren't state fairs great?

GrillCheese49: Stellar victory for the Rangers in Minnesota! Just met Gar the Batting stance guy B 4 getting on bus.

: Batting stance guy at the Dome tonight. Had the players rolling before stretch. Favorites were DY, OC, GoGo, Casilla and Kubel.

ClarenceHill: Can someone throw a 90 mph fastball into the chest of Batting Stance Guy?

aaronsellars: Watching the Batting Stance Guy on Youtube and he is hilarious!

: Ok now I'm officially sick of "the batting stance guy" dude needs to take his whiffle ball bat, go home, and get a real job.

And from the man himself...

BattingStanceG: Got online comment wanting Prince Fielder to deck me at the same time actual Prince tells me he and his kids love our stuff. Who to trust?

In July, Gar was a guest on The Late Show. If you missed his appearance with David it is in all its glory.

If the Yankees have their Universe and the Red Sox their Nation. Isn't is appropriate that the Astros have their own municipality?

Earlier in the season, Houston was setting milestones left and right. Thankfully, I was already friends with the boys over at AstrosCounty or it would have seemed like I was begging for their attention.

That being said...I will be hitting you up for some freebies next time I am in town, James!

Have someone you think everyone should follow? Perhaps you yourself have read some interesting tweets in the past week…drop me a line or leave a comment below.

See you next Tuesday!

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