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August 9, 2009

What do these guys have in common?

Here's my advice to all of you. If anyone ever walks up to you and asks, "what do Albert Pujols, Carlos Lee and Adam Dunn have in common" have my permission to punch them in the face.

I'm serious.

There is absolutely no reason why the three of them should be mentioned in the same sentence.

Until now.

Saturday night, St. Louis slugger Albert Pujols made history (again) by hitting the 100 RBI mark...for the ninth straight year.

"Obviously it's very special," Pujols told reporters following the Cardinals 5-3 victory over the hapless Pirates. "God has allowed me to keep myself healthy and to do that. It's not easy to do it for one year and nine years in a row, it's pretty special."

Only Hall of Famer Al Simmons has more 100 RBI seasons at the start of a career with 11, but something tells me that if a guy like Pujols can get 100 RBI in 110 games so far this season...he can get 200 in his team's next 324 to tie the former Philadelphia (among other teams) slugger.

Now...Carlos Lee.

The Hall mentioned Thursday, "El Caballo" entered this weekend's series against the Brewers with 299 career home runs. Against Milwaukee's three projected starters (Carlos Villanueva, Manny Parra and Yovani Gallardo), Lee was batting .405 for his career with three home runs.

Enter Claudio Vargas and the three home runs he's given up to Lee.

Exit home run number four...the 300th of Lee's career.

A sidenote to Lee's milestone achievement...his Astros became the first team in Major League history to have three players (
Ivan Rodriguez and Lance Berkman were the first two) get their 300th home runs in the same season.

Another sidenote...Lee is the only Panamanian born player to hit 300 home runs. And in case you were wondering (and I know you were), Ben Oglivie is next on the "most home runs hit by a Panamanian born player" with 235.

And lastly...Adam Dunn.

Back in March, The Hall pointed out that if Dunn reaches 40 home runs this season for the Nationals, he’ll have done so for six straight seasons. But first, he needed to get to 30 for the sixth straight season...which he did on Sunday against the Diamondbacks.

Assuming Dunn has ten more in him (which is highly likely), he be one 40 home run season away from tying Babe Ruth as the only two guys to hit 40 out in a seven straight seasons.

So, I pose the question..."what do Albert Pujols, Carlos Lee and Adam Dunn have in common?"

I'll just sit here patiently awaiting my punch to the face.

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