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September 14, 2009

Twitter Tuesday...September 15, 2009

Since we last met, I sat ringside at a WWE event (two actually), pressed the flesh with Rev. Jesse Jackson and witnessed first hand an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition "Braveheart March".

But enough about me.

Still don't know what Twitter Tuesday is? Don't waste Google's the link.

I typically don't post links, but given Karim Garcia started the whole Allen Iverson exhange...I had to post another great YouTube moment. Add that to some talk about fashion and off-season plans and you've got a recipe for some Infield Chatter.

karimgarcia95: some relax time and practice we r talking about practice men


jonadkins96: @karimgarcia95 Practice??! Did you say practice? We talkin bout practice man! Hope you did well tonight Kingpin!

GrillCheese49: Psyched that I will be up to par with my suits and custom shirts that I just ordered. Gotta pull the trigger once and a while to look good.

str8edgeracer: debating if "being on a boat" is better than "renting an apartment" for the offseason...have to watch pirates of the carribean for research

There are plenty of things going on in the world so far this week...Kanye West, Patrick Swayze and the start of the NFL season. Unfortunately, this is a baseball site so I'm going with the new all-time Yankee hit leader...Derek Jeter.

jimbaumbach: Where was Kanye West when Justin Morneau won the AL MVP in 2006 instead of Derek Jeter?

dreamwurkstudio: My nomination for this weekends class acts: Beyonce, Jeter and Ichiro

bluntman17: brady is the pats version of derek jeter

brentitude: I guess T.O. is the #NFL's Derek Jeter. *rolls eyes*

TheKevinStewart: There are no words to describe the amazingness that is Derek Jeter

gx5: If Derek Jeter had been drafted by the Astros or Reds, as he was led to believe, he wouldn't even be close to a franchise hits record

JayMohr37: Derek Jeter passed Lou Gehrig. But will he die of Derek Jeter's disease? That would be SO WEIRD.

nordlaw88: @jaymohr37 I was thinking the same thing Jay. Is Derek Jeter disease the curse to only date hot women? What a jerk but good ball player

In person...I am sure we'd argue given our baseball allegiances. On here...I find the dude funny. Ladies and gentlemen...Josh Deitch.

Josh contributes over at Seamheads and is a self-proclaimed "selfish" Yankees fan...but don't hold that against him. Did you hear the one about him being at Derek Jeter's record setting game the other night?

Have someone you think everyone should follow? Perhaps you yourself have read some interesting tweets in the past week…drop me a line or leave a comment below. See you next Tuesday!

BallHype: hype it up!

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