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October 28, 2009

Mark McGwire...hitting coach?

Mark McGwire being named hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals is not that big of a deal, baseball fans.

Trust me.

You know how I know? Mickey Hatcher, Kevin Long and Joe Vavra led their teams to the three highest batting averages in the Majors and NO ONE knows who they are.

Matter of fact, I had to look it up.

What you've got here is, in my opinion, two things...(A) Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa throwing a bone to a buddy so that said buddy can (B) get his name back in the news so that he can garner more than the third of the necessary votes he has been getting to make it into the Hall of Fame.

This is more of a "let's get the gang back together" move than it is an effort to raise the National League's third best team batting average. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

I mean, is Mark McGwire going to help the Cardinals hitters? They were in the top six or seven (above the league average) in every major hitting category and third from the bottom in strikeouts.

Whatever they were doing worked.

That being said...I think Albert Pujols could be getting hitting tips from Fredbird and he'd still end up swinging the best bat in the National League.

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