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October 10, 2009

Postseason thoughts with Brent Mayne

Given all the different storylines that have played out so far, there are plenty directions a post during the first round of the Playoffs can go.

I’ll go down this avenue.

Thanks to an untimely miscue (are any miscues "timely"?) by Matt Holliday Thursday night, the Dodgers are up 2-0 against the Cardinals. The last time the two teams squared off in the NLDS was in 2004 and St. Louis beat Los Angeles in three out of four games.

Handling some of the catching duties for those Dodgers that postseason was veteran Brent Mayne. It was the first playoff appearance for Mayne and recently…I had a chance to catch up with the 15 year pro to talk October baseball.

HOVG: After a pretty lengthy career…you were fortunate to make the playoffs in your last season of pro ball. What did it mean to you to finally make it?

MAYNE: Making to the postseason was one of the greatest achievements of my professional career. I wish I would have made it more than once.

HOVG: Tell me about that 2004 series…how’d it feel?

MAYNE: My biggest memory was the intensity, everything being notched up. I remember being amazed at how the post season made my body feel fresh especially after the long regular season.

HOVG: Was there a particular teammate that just seemed to come to life in October? If so, who was it...and why?

MAYNE: Everyone came alive in the postseason. It was almost like the first games of the year.

HOVG: Lastly...who is your pick to win it all this season?

MAYNE: My pick to win it this year? Tough question. I'll go with the Angels. Total guess though. I really like New York and Philly too.

Mayne spent a bulk of his career playing with the Royals, but also found himself with the Mets, A’s Rockies, Giants, Diamondbacks and Dodgers. He finished his career with a .993 fielding percentage…fourth best of all-time.

To check out what Mayne has been up to recently, visit his website For an in depth interview regarding his Art of Coaching…check out good friend of The Hall David Allen over at Baseball Reflections.

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