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October 7, 2009

Tim McCarver CD Giveaway!

It took the Twins and Tigers 163 games, but FINALLY...the Major League Playoffs are here!

Now, while legendary broadcaster Tim McCarver won't take to the microphone until October 16, The Hall and Archer Records want you to listen to the "dulcet tones" of McCarver from the comfort of your own home, car, mp3 player, etc. whenever you want!

Here's all you need to do.

Drop me an email and let me know who you think is going to take home the World Seried crown. Just enter your pick in the subject line and you're good to go. Once the last pitch is thrown...I'll draw a random winner from the bunch of eligible picks.

And what are you going to win? Well, I've got a brand new CD (still wrapped) copy of Tim McCarver Sings Selections from the Great American Songbook with your name on it!

Now, I've listened to the thing (I have my own copy) and while I could sit here and bang out a review...I couldn't say it any better than Free M. Roloff's glowing review over at Amazon.

There used to be two things I brought to every Fourth of July fireworks celebration - the American flag and a slice of my grandma's apple pie. Next year I'll add a third item that begins with "Tim McCarver" and ends with "American Songbook."

To pre-order a copy of this disk is to give yourself an incomparable sensory gift. Can't get enough FOX game of the week? Your iPod lacking in folksy narratives? Order yourself a copy.

You see, America used to be a simple place, didn't it? The pilgrims set the tone by using religion as a unifier, not a bludgeon. Our neighbors, such as the Native Americans, were respected as natural inhabitants and were treated as such. Our country could do no wrong and you can hear that perfection in McCarver's voice.

From the first note it is clear that even a legend like Plácido Domingo has nothing on McCarver. So dewey, so tender, so ... American.

During the 2004 World Series Mr. McCarver said of Curt Schilling's noticeable ankle injury: "The blood on his sock looks exactly like Oklahoma." I say to you, Tim, the totality of the songs on your album is shaped like my grandma's apple pie. It's time to order myself another slice.

So what are you waiting for? Email me your World Series winner NOW!

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1 comment:

JB said...

I only want it if it is signed...."To JB. Thanks for being a fan. Doesn't my hair look great?" I had no idea being a pompous a**hole meant you could cut an album. Still love 'Prime Time' dumpin' the champagne over his head....