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October 20, 2009

Twitter Tuesday...October 20, 2009

Did you hear that? The American League Playoffs just got interesting. It's true, with a Game Three victory, the world seems to have forgotten the dominance of the Yankees and is starting to believe the Halos have a chance.

Honestly, I am hoping they do. I hate a short series...give me all seven games!

Still don't know what Twitter Tuesday is?
Don't waste Google's the link.

The cool thing about this upcoming offseason (for some) will be reading what guys who are typically concerned about baseball think about "normal" stuff.

DPEP56 (Jeremy Johnson): up early again! still getting ready for this huge yard sale! I will be glad when this is over on Sat.

73_MC (Seth McClung): Ugh the new apple mouse is killing me!! I guess I have to get a mouse pad! I always thought those things were tacky!

Brum24 (Cliff Brumbaugh): Man and women let me tell u Funnel Cakes are still delicious! Goooood GOD!!!

BrentMayne (Brent Mayne): This is gonna sound weird, but that Dylan show bordered on heavy metal. LOUD, driving, thumping music. Awesome. Hope i rock like that at 70.

str8edgeracer (CJ Wilson): I just saw an underamour diamond pendant. I'm definitely at an espn party

ESPY_TEAHEN (Mark Teahen): Tanning oil, corona, sunshine and the ones you love.....that's why I love the off-season.

It's no secret that I am not the world's biggest Yankees fan. It's true...I really can't stand them and frankly, I think they might be baseball's most polarizing team. So, for fun, I searched for "Yankees suck" might be surprised (confused?) at the variety I found.

philhorlings: Driving out of the charger game, a truck had two sole bumper stickers, "YANKEES SUCK" and "JETER DRINKS WINE COOLERS". Hysterical.

redsox67: Yankees with their $230mil payroll should be sweeping every team. Yankees suck

Gnome_King: It feels like Mathis just blew up the Death Star! Yankees(Suck!)

blight9: Somebody pie that angel in the face! yankees suck angels win

I might not always agree with everything Sky over at Beyond the Boxscore has to say...but one thing we can agee on (see what I just did there?) is that you should follow him. If you are looking for someone to follow that will provide you with more charts and graphs to look at than the USA Today...check out BtB_Sky.

That being said, I make no apologies for the eye strain you are sure to incur.

Have someone you think everyone should follow? Perhaps you yourself have read some interesting tweets in the past week…drop me a line or leave a comment below. See you next Tuesday!

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