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November 24, 2009

Twitter Tuesday...November 24, 2009

In a seemingly unprecedented move, friend of The Hall and Twitter Tuesday regular Jason Grilli hit the interwebs last night to announce that he has signed with a new club.

GrillCheese49: Well it is official. I am signing with my 7th team. Can you guess? Drum roll please! Will let ya know when I am able.

And even though he didn't officially with who...the tweet still generated a ton of buzz. Who needs the "where will Roy Halladay end up" talk!

In case you were wondering what baseball players think in the offseason...wonder no more. Indians outfielder Matt LaPorta pretty much sums it up.

Gator4God: Football, pizza, football, nap, football.

Here's what everyone else is thinking about.

str8edgeracer (CJ Wilson): took my little cousins to see planet 51 tonight, glad they're 3 and 7 and not 13 and 17- didn't have to sit through twilight haha

CJNitkowski (CJ Nitkowski): On the back porch on a beautiful night, looking at the stars, smoking a Cuban with a glass of shochu & listening to music. Almost perfect..

jonadkins96 (Jon Adkins): Hanging the treestand today and waking up at REALLY early to get out in the woods! Deer beware, I will be sitting 16ft above the ground!

mattkemp27 (Matt Kemp): Gelato in Ceasar Palace, is the best!!!!

hyphen18 (Ryan Rowland-Smith): Can't find my favourite 80's movie 'Thrashin' anywhere here!

ToddStottlemyre (Todd Stottlemyre): wow, sitting on my hands, bored to death

As this year's MLB Awards season comes to a close, I can't help but be reminded of the online hate spewed in the direction of Keith Law.


Law is the ESPN writer who didn't throw a Cy Young vote Chris Carpenter's way. Oh, the horror...too bad no one (including Cardinals fans) will remember three months from now.

mattynuetz: can thank keith law for that cy young travesty. seriously, does he even watch baseball? vaszquez ahead of carp AND wainwright?

DanielFredman: so, keith law wont vote for Carp because he was out for a month, but, presumably, votes Mauer number 1?

yowhatupT: Keith Law is a moron. You don't lead NL in ERA and not be a Top 3 pitcher

Kurt_Steinberg: Keith Law, do you have a learning disability? You are a disgrace and should be stripped of your Cy Young voting rights!

bbates44: Good Morning!!! One day closer to spring training but Keith law is still an idiot.

Back in June, Rangers reliever CJ Wilson talked to The Hall about his life in the Majors.

On the strength of "excuse me sir in seat 21B your sweater is giving us all motion sickness" and "thought I saw stephen king in the baton rouge airport, but it was just a creepy 45 yr old guy in a quasi-members only jacket", I've been reminded how fun Wilson is to follow.

If you're not so!

Have someone you think everyone should follow? Perhaps you yourself have read some interesting tweets in the past week…drop me a line or leave a comment below. See you next Tuesday!

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1 comment:

David Allan said...

I love the hate that was thrown Keith Law's way for actually using his brain while voting for the Cy Young Award Winner.
Vasquez Finished 6th in ERA, Had a better K/BB ration, K/9, 3rd in WHIP (1.03 behind Dan Haren 1.00 and Carpenter 1.03)

Vasquez opponents batting line was .223/.266/.346

Carpenter - .226/.272/.310
Wainright - .244/.297/.349

Cardinals fans stop crying, Javier was deserving of the vote.