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December 15, 2009

Hall of Fame 2010: Kevin Appier

From now until the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2010 is announced, The Hall is going to be breaking down each candidate. Some write ups will be lengthy...some will be the opposite. Some will be brand new pieces...some will be re-hashes of previous pieces.

Unfortunately, Kevin Appier isn't one of those players that warrented much attention prior to now.

But that's not to say he wasn't good.

If I told you that Appier had a career ERA of 3.74 and ten years with ten or more wins would you care?


Thought so.

All kidding aside, Appier's career started with a bang.

In his first four full season with the hapless Royals (1990-1993), the righty compiled a .630 winning percentage (he was 58-34) and a 2.80 ERA. And in 1993, he even led the American League in ERA!

Add to that his one All-Star Game appearance and a 2002 World Championship with the Angels and you have a good, serviceable pitcher.

But that's about all.

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