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December 21, 2009

Hall of Fame 2010: Pat Hentgen

From now until the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2010 is announced, The Hall is going to be breaking down each candidate. Some write ups will be lengthy...some will be the opposite. Some will be brand new pieces...some will be re-hashes of previous pieces.

In 1996, Hentgen took home the American League Cy Young Award. This January, he’ll have celebrated his lone year on the Hall of Fame ballot.

So here's the thing with Pat Hentgen...he was instrumental in helping lead the Blue Jays to the World Series in 1993 and he's got more Cy Young Awards (one) and more All-Star Game appearances (three versus two) than Bert Blyleven. However, one will garner little to no attention on this year's ballot.

The has become (for some reason) the darling of the writers and the other is named "Pat Hentgen".

I wish I had more to say.

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1 comment:

jay said...

of course blyleven also had over 3700 k's, 60 shut outs and 287 wins, but yeah hentgen's the man...