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December 7, 2009

Harvey and Herzog get the call

I'll admit it, I expected Doug Harvey, thought the likable Whitey Herzog would get a chunk of votes...but, honestly, I was hoping for Billy Martin. In the was Whitey's ability to make perennial contenders out of Kansas City and St. Louis that got him the call.

And Harvey, well...he's Doug Harvey. Anytime you know the name of an umpire he's either doing something really, really good...or vice versa.

Here's some snippets from what the
Hall of Fame released earlier this morning:

Doug Harvey, a five-time World Series umpire, and Whitey Herzog, a six-time division winner and manager of the 1982 World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals, were elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame at Baseball’s Winter Meetings in Indianapolis by the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee for Managers and Umpires, it was announced today.

Doug Harvey and Whitey Herzog were elected by the Veterans Committee to the Class of 2010 at the Hall of Fame. (National Baseball Hall of Fame Library) Harvey, who umpired in the National League for 31 seasons and was named to six All-Star Game crews, received 15 of a possible 16 votes.

Herzog, who led the Kansas City Royals to three straight American League West titles from 1976-78 before leading the St. Louis Cardinals to the 1982 World Series title and the 1985 and 1987 NL pennants, received 14 of 16 votes.

Eight managers and two umpires were considered by the 16-member Committee during meetings held Sunday at Baseball’s Winter Meetings in Indianapolis. Twelve votes were necessary to gain the 75 percent necessary for election.

Harvey and Herzog will be enshrined July 25, 2010, as part of the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, held in Cooperstown, NY. The two newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame will be joined by any electees who emerge from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America voting, with results announced on January 6.

“We are proud and honored to welcome Doug Harvey and Whitey Herzog into the Hall of Fame family,” said Hall of Fame Chairman of the Board Jane Forbes Clark. “Both Doug and Whitey demonstrated the quest for excellence that embodies each of our 291 Hall of Famers. We are thrilled to have them in Cooperstown.”

Results of the 2009 Managers/Umpires Ballot (12 votes needed for election): Doug Harvey (15 votes, 93.8 percent), Whitey Herzog (14 votes, 87.5 percent), Danny Murtaugh (8 votes, 50 percent), Hank O’Day (8 votes, 50 percent), Charlie Grimm (3 votes, 18.8%). Davey Johnson, Tom Kelly, Billy Martin, Gene Mauch and Steve O’Neill each received less than 3 votes.

The Veterans Committee for Executives and Pioneers also considered 10 candidates for election to the Hall of Fame in 2010. No candidate on that ballot received the necessary 75 percent of all ballots cast needed for Hall of Fame election. Former Detroit Tigers executive John Fetzer received eight votes, the highest total of any of the 10 candidates.

Results of the 2009 Executives/Pioneers Ballot (9 votes needed for election): John Fetzer (8 votes, 66.7%), Marvin Miller (7 votes, 58.3%), Jacob Ruppert (7 votes, 58.3%), Ewing Kauffman (6 votes, 50 percent). Gene Autry, Sam Breadon, Bob Howsam, John McHale, Gabe Paul and Bill White each received less than 3 votes.

The two Veterans Committees who consider managers and umpires and executives and pioneers will consider candidates again in 2011 for the 2012 Induction year. Eligible players whose big league careers began after 1942 will next have their candidacy reviewed again in 2010 for the 2011 Induction year, while eligible players whose big league careers began prior to 1943 will next have their candidacy reviewed in 2013 for the 2014 Induction year.

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