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December 28, 2009

Twitter Tuesday...December 29, 2009

If this was a football site, I'd start with something witty about Brett Favre...but, thankfully, it is about baseball.

Unfortunately...not much of anything happened over the last week.

Since we last met, a little holiday called "Christmas" came and went...making this week's Infield Chatter a no brainer.

mattkemp27 (Matt Kemp): Still got to get out and finish my Shopping.

rwells36bsi (Randy Wells): nothing beats hooters with the boys on Christmas eve. ho ho ho!

str8edgeracer (CJ Wilson): go lakers. santa: I want another championship for them, and one for the TX rangers. thanks- cj

DrewStoren (Drew Storen): Watching The Dark Knight with the dog n her snuggie. Merry Christmas!

ESPY_TEAHEN (Mark Teahen): Ah Christmas! Over eating, exccessive gift giving, football, cookies, midnight mass, and a time 2 share the love u have 4 those close 2 u.

G_Sarge_M (Gary Matthews): Happy Halladays, er, Holidays!!!

hyphen18 (Ryan Rowland-Smith): If any of you are checkin twitter right now instead of hanging with your fam's, your in big trouble!

In what appeared to be the tweet spat heard 'round the world...Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman hopped online Sunday night to defend his choice to NOT include Bert Byleven on his Hall of Fame ballot this season.

Here are some of the jabs poor Jon had to endure. Thankfully, with close to 27,000 followers...there were far more supporters than detractors.

lonestarball: Jon Heyman announces his HOF ballot, and it is stupid

leokitty: I can't wait until we're 10 years in the future and Jon Heyman is voting for Andy Pettitte every year for the HOF but not Mike Mussina

petzrawr: I think Jon Heyman is an elitist ass, by the way. Just cuz you have press creds and BBWAA membership doesn't make you a good baseball writer

DashTreyhorn: Jon Heyman voted Jack Morris over Bert Blyleven for the HOF. Attack!

jakelarsen: foolish, yes, dumb, maybe, insane, definitely.

Cox813: Because Bert's HOF resume is near unimpeachable yet he's 3 years away from falling off the ballot because of voters like you.

Sticking with the Christmas theme...I am not sure whether or not to be frightened by this picture of "Tommyclaus".


I was pointed in the direction of the Silva Brothers by former pitcher Jeff Juden (of all people) and I am glad I was. Without his direction, I would never have stumbled upon NY Baseball Digest.

Chris and Mike are pretty active in keeping their followers up to speed on what they are up to and you don't have to be a New York fan to appreciate it.

Have someone you think everyone should follow? Perhaps you yourself have read some interesting tweets in the past week…drop me a line or leave a comment below. See you next Tuesday!

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