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January 13, 2010

Big Mac Admits What We Already Knew

When good friend of The Hall E drops me an email asking if I could use a McGwire response was an easy one.

Why not?

Here it is:

Mark McGwire has finally admitted what everyone has expected for the better part of 10 years: that he used performance-enhancing steroids while he was playing baseball.

The fact that he went from a guy who had the physique of a basketball player to a guy who looked like he could punch through an engine block all but convinced everyone that McGwire was on the juice.

Five years ago, when he was called in front of Congress to testify about steroids, he bebopped and scatted all around the issue (as opposed to Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro, who outright lied). Since he retired, he's been in virtual seclusion, lending more credance to the fact that maybe he had something important weighing on his mind. And now, he's come out and spilled the beans.

And I'm going to do something nutty and defend the guy a little bit.

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