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January 6, 2010

Hawk is it!

I'm kinda shocked.


Last night, I was predicting that it would be Andre Dawson and Roberto Alomar. I mean, you can sift through the number of posts that have been posted here and see how committed I was to Alomar's cause.

When I broke down the first timers on the 2010 ballot, I figured it would be Alomar and Dawson or Bert Blyleven. There was no way I could have predicted Dawson at 77% and with five blank (yes, BLANK) ballots being sent in Blyleven (74.2%) and Alomar (73.7%) each coming a handful of votes short.

For some glowing praise on the latest member of the Hall of Fame, head on over to Hawk4theHall. But basically, you have a guy, much like Jim Rice last year, where I think the writers shrugged their shoulders and said “why not?”

Dawson was an eight time All-Star, eight Gold Glove recipient, and took home an MVP Award and Rookie of the Year honors. Add to that close to 2800 hits and those pesky 438 home runs and you’ve gotta admit…”The Hawk” was a special, special player.

More on this later.

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Charley said...

Thanks for the shout out to my blog! I'm overjoyed with the results and relieved to not have to go another year of waiting. Sorry Blyleven fans, I know it gets taxing. He's so close, next year he has to get in.


E said...

I hate those goddamn dinks who cast blank votes, like the five morons who didn't vote for Tom Seaver in '92.