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January 6, 2010

More Hall of Fame thoughts

First off, a big thanks to those who found the time to join in on the Live Chat last night. I don’t know if much got accomplished…but it was fun talking the Hall of Fame with some of my co-horts.

To re-cap my picks (if I had picks) from early in December, I would go with Roberto Alomar, Harold Baines, Andre Dawson, Barry Larkin, Fred McGriff and Lee Smith. Admittedly, I am still on the fence about Bert Blyleven, Edgar Martinez and Tim Raines and wouldn’t be able to give them my vote this year.

Soon we’ll know who will be making arrangements for that July induction in Cooperstown, New York.

Last July, I had the pleasure of talking about the Hall of Fame (among other things) with former big league pitcher Dick Drago.

Following the Live Chat, I, again, caught up with Drago and he clued me in to who he would vote for if given the chance…Alomar, Baines, Dawson, Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, Jack Morris, Raines and Smith.

Why no Blyleven?

“Blyleven spent a lot of years to get his numbers,” Drago said, “his win-lost record was not great. I'm a friend of his but not sure I would vote for him.”

But when I reminded Drago that he could vote for up to ten players, he changed his mind about Blyleven, laughed and called it a “courtesy pick”.

The Hall of Fame election results will be announced at 1pm CST and can be watched online over at

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