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January 5, 2010

Twitter Tuesday...January 5, 2010

We're on the eve of the Hall of Fame announcement and if the interwebs are any indication, Andre Dawson and Roberto Alomar are going to get the call. Honestly, I could see three people (add Bert Blyleven to Dawson and Alomar) going in...or no one.

Care to talk about it? Join me TONIGHT at 9pm CST for a live chat...RIGHT HERE!

So, we've talked Christmas the last couple of weeks, so it is only natural that this week we re-cap what everyone had to say about the New Year's, er...Capital One Bowl Week.

Really? Is that what we're calling it now?

If you need a full re-cap on all the Bowl Games, check out Seth McClung's page as it appeared as though he caught most of the games. I'd post all of his stuff (its that good), but you can just check them out yourself.

TheRealBJUpton (BJ Upton): Watching the Florida State game at the crib- sad to see Bobby Bowden go. Noles need to win this one for Bobby.

TommyLasorda (Tommy Lasorda): Congratulations to my good friend Joe Paterno and his Lions for winning the Capital One Bowl. This is Joe Pa's 24th bowl win.

73_MC (Seth McClung): The way lane kiffin is acting as head coach of tenn is making al Davis look like a class act.

ESPY_TEAHEN (Mark Teahen): Boise St and TCU fans invaded my town. Not sure who 2 root 4 All the chicks in massive amounts of purple eye shadow arent helpin TCUs case.

I can't say it's Hall of Fame time! HOWEVER, trying to search the Twitters to see who is talking about what is quite a challenge.

xxxSaraSloane: Thank goodness u TiVoed the rock'nroll hall of fame show nothin like mick Jagger to lift my spirits lol

youngsilk: I swear. if NBA 2k10 aint the most cheatenist game in the world, I dont know what is. (granted Im terrible and I play on Hall of Fame level)

BillySherwood: I was inducted into the prog rock hall of fame for "best prog producer 2009"


deathbatnews: Vote Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan For Modern Drummers 2010 Hall Of Fame Award!:
AngieMac84: Stu Hart finally going into the #WWE Hall of Fame is amazeballs... what about Owen though? I'd mark out big style for that :)

Me? I'd choose a gun and an unlimited supply of ammo...but I might be the crazy one.

TommyLasorda: If I were in a foxhole I'd want Dave the Chef with me. If I were going to die at least I wouldn't be hungry.

This week is a toss up.

On one hand, I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling through Spain courtesy of good friend of The Hall CJ Wilson's tweets and pictures. On the other...TMZ just posted the number one reason Matt Kemp hasn't been on Twitter for a while.

Props to both of're both winners!

Have someone you think everyone should follow? Perhaps you yourself have read some interesting tweets in the past week…drop me a line or leave a comment below. See you next Tuesday!

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