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March 26, 2010

Batting Stance Guy: "Livin' the Dream"

Gar Ryness and I started swapping emails about a year ago yet, for some reason, when I see his name pop up on my Blackberry...I get all giddy. Could it be another story about baseball, mustaches, Ron Kittle's glasses...or just a simple "how ya doing"?

This was none of the above.

Hey Posse-

Excited the season is upon us. I have a book releasing in May. Simon & Schuster wanted a summary of past two years. Thanks for your encouragement.


If you remember earlier this year when Ryness did an exclusive interview with The Hall, the book was mentioned. Who knew that Simon & Schuster (home to such literary nobility as Stephen King, Bob Woodward and Todd Bridges) was behind it?

Feel free to check out the summary video Ryness alluded to
over at his website. His book, Batting Stance Guy: A Love Letter to Baseball, is out May can pre-order it over at Amazon.

BallHype: hype it up!

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