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March 8, 2010

Help Bring Back the Youk Manchu!

During this past weekend's "Saturday Night Live", comedian/host Zach Galifianakis did the mustache community proud by shaving his trademark bushy hobo beard down to a very handsome cookie duster.

Similarly, during last spring's World Baseball Classic, Kevin Youkilis abandoned his goatee and toyed around with a fu manchu that would make the likes of Luis Tiant and Hulk Hogan blush.

Unfortunately, the werewolf gene present in both "The Hangover" star and the Red Sox first baseman keeps them from donning just the lip sweater.

This is where you come in.

The Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids charity has an interesting proposal over at their website.

Facial Hair Frenzy
Your donation is also your vote! Each dollar equals one vote. Donate $1 and vote once for your favorite facial hair style. Donate $5 and have 5 votes. Enter the dollar amount you wish to donate in the box below. Be sure to input your favorite facial hair look... "Goatee", "Mustache", "Clean Shaven", "Fu Manchu"... in the "company" box on the form that follows!

Could this mean that WE, the card carrying members of The American Mustache Institute, Mustache May celebrants and overall mustache enthusiasts actually have a say in what sort of upper lip accoutrement "The Greek God of Walks" might don this season?

Let's hope so!

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Anonymous said...

Who cares all he does is fight

Anonymous said...

He is a jerk with the Red Sox they had the right name the idiots

Anonymous said...

I think he should stick with the Dirty Sanchez mustache

Anonymous said...

All you moron Yankee fans should leave your comments on something that has to do with the Yankees. I'll bet any one of those pinstripe fools would love to have Youk's mustache if only their money loving ownership would allow facial hair.

Anonymous said...

If Jeter had Youk's mustache he'd look like a fifth rate porn star, which is actually better than the tenth rate baseball player he is.

Anonymous said...

Why all the sudden Yankee bashing? Oh yeah, because they suck.