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March 31, 2010

The "Hit King" is Hitting This...Apparently

The baseball world has had its fair share of notable hook ups...Joe DiMaggio had Marilyn Monroe, Jose Canseco had Madonna and plenty of Major Leaguers have had Alyssa Milano. Zing!

And, apparently, Pete Rose has future Playboy model Kiana King.



In a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the "Hit King" and his new girlfriend revealed plenty about their life together...including how the 68 year-old and 29 year-old met (at a Mercedes dealership!), how Rose is in bed and whether or not they are planning on having kids.

However, the most revealing part...the former All-Star's story about showering with Joe DiMaggio in Vietnam.

Check out the re-cap of the appearance over at
Stern's website or, if you can stomache it, get the blow-by-blow HERE.

In all sincerity, best of luck to Rose. I think the old man should enjoy the few months that this relationship will last. And here's a promise...if I see the dude when I hit Vegas in a couple of months, I'll shake his hand for all of you.

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