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April 22, 2010

Baseball Road Trip of a Lifetime: New York, Part Two

Growing up, I thought the sun rose and set on Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden and their personal demons aside (and God, they've had plenty)...I still kinda do.

To an extent.

I vowed that I was done with "The Celebrity Apprentice" last season when Joan Rivers invaded my airwaves every Sunday night. This go 'round, The Donald brought in Straw and again, I was hooked.

Seeing the once lanky outfielder (he is now a little more fuller) made me remember how badly I always wanted to go to Shea Stadium as a kid. I wanted to see that dumb apple come out of that upside down hat so bad...I could taste the disappointment of the Bobby Bonilla era all the way here in Illinois.

Good friend of The Hall Navin Vaswani got to see that apple earlier this week.

I've always wondered, had I grown up or ever found myself living in New York City, where my baseball allegiance would lie. Mets or Yankees; how does one choose? The masochist in me believes, without a doubt, that I'd be a Mets fan. I'm all about the struggle; the lean years, when I could easily throw in the towel. When all that remains is hope without reason. I'm afraid that if I was a Yankees fan, I'd take the playoffs for granted. That I'd take winning for granted. As a sports fan, those are my greatest fears. Luckily, I live in Toronto, where those fears will never, ever be realized.

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