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April 19, 2010

Baseball Road Trip of a Lifetime: Pittsburgh

I wish I had some sort of story to tell you right now about the time back in 1992 when I was hanging out with some buddies and we made a bet about what would happen next...the Pittsburgh Pirates would make the playoffs or the expansion Colorado Rockies would have someone throw a no-hitter.
Because this past weekend...the latter happened.

Sure, the Pirates are above .500 (they're 6-5), but they're a long way from the postseason...even if good friend of The Hall Navin Vaswani thinks he found the one guy who believes this might be the Bucs year while in the Steel City.

The rumours are true. How do I know? Because, thanks to The Baseball Road Trip Of A Lifetime , I now have first-hand proof. Pittsburgh Pirates fans are indeed real; they are not unicorns. And I happened to meet probably the nicest one of them.
Read the rest of Navin’s adventure in Pittsburgh HERE.

You can follow his exploits on Twitter at
@eyebleaf or visit his piece of the interwebs over at Sports and the City.

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