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April 29, 2010

Friday 5: Mark Grant

Prior to last season, I went out on a limb and predicted that the young San Diego Padres would win the National League West. They finished fourth out of five teams.

This year, I went with the Dodgers and they are in last place. The team in first? You guessed it…the Padres.

Former Friar hurler Mark Grant takes the mound for this week’s “Friday 5”.

HOVG: Who was your biggest influence and why?

GRANT: My dad Larry. The greatest man I've ever known. Because he is humble.

HOVG: What is your most memorable travel experience?

GRANT: I got called for traveling when I was playing CYO basketball in the seventh grade. It was a bad call!

HOVG: What is your favorite baseball term or saying?

GRANT: On a check swing that's not called a strike…"if he hits it, it's a double!"

HOVG: What is your best experience or greatest accomplishment?

GRANT: Witnessing the birth of my three children, which I helped create. I am the giver of life!

HOVG: When did you know that you “made it”?

GRANT: When I was in the visiting clubhouse at Dodger Stadium in 1988, and Don Drysdale, who was doing Dodger radio at the time, approached me and said, "hi Mark”…I was floored! The Hall of Famer knew who I was.

Mark Grant played eight seasons for six different teams. He pitched more than half of his innings with the same team that has employed him as their color commentator since 1997.

The Padres.

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Avenger-in-Chief said...

Good people, that Mark Grant.