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April 17, 2010

Baseball Road Trip of a Lifetime: Toronto

I had stopped for gas on my lunch break Friday when I read the following email from fellow Baseball Bloggers Alliance member Navin Vaswani.

Earlier this week, I began what I am calling "The Baseball Road Trip Of A Lifetime." I'm visiting all 30 MLB stadiums over the next two months...

Navin went on to detail the endeavor, include links and invite us, his fellow BBBA members to follow along. Jealous of what he's about to embark, I had to email him...asking if I could re-post his journey here.

Night one saw Navin in his hometown Toronto.


The home opener in Toronto, for me, is no longer about victory or defeat. Not any more. Instead, the game, and the night, is a relic of days gone by; a reminder of what once was, and of what will hopefully once again be.

It's about the more than 45,000 fans that converge on the Rogers Centre, and the palpable baseball buzz that envelopes Canada's largest city for one day, and one day only it seems, a year. It's a reminder that years ago the Toronto Blue Jays indeed ruled the baseball world, and that the city was, at one point in time, what most people would surely call a "baseball town."

Read the rest of Navin’s adventure in Toronto

You can follow his exploits on Twitter at
@eyebleaf or visit his piece of the interwebs over at Sports and the City.

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