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April 27, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: C.J. Wilson

Last week, I suggested everyone follow one of the bigger douchebags on Twitter...Jose Canseco. This week, I urge you to check out someone who is at the other end of that spectrum.

C.J. Wilson.

The Rangers hurler is very responsive to his followers, injects his posts with a lot of humor and, basically, is just a good guy. Plus...he's a big fan of LOST.

TWITTER HANDLE: @str8edgeracer


I need a legit haircut asap. Willing to give away nyy game ticket as trade. RT that

Jamba juice is going off right now. And by going off I mean the people working here are going off on each other. Soooo busy. Total zoo!

Larry david is at harvard!

Last season, I had the honor of catching up with the lefty. Feel free to read what he had to say HERE. And if you've already read can check out CJ's blog over at

BallHype: hype it up!

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