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April 13, 2010

Twitter Tuesday: Matt Antonelli

In this, the re-debut (is that even a word?) of "Twitter Tuesday", I'm going to be completely biased and suggest that everyone follow San Diego Padres farmhand Matt Antonelli.

The current Portland Beavers secondbaseman is a regular contributor here at The Hall of Very Good, super interactive and, frankly, an overall good guy who, on occasion, provides plenty of baseball insight. Below are not examples of that. Haha...sorry, Matt.

TWITTER HANDLE: @mattantonelli9


Only Tiger can take 5 months off and look like he played last weekend

Why can't they open an IN N OUT on the east coast...If i could figure out a way to open one I could retire young

Yesterday I did an interview online...check it out let me know what you think

You can learn plenty more about Antonelli over at his site. His feature "Matt's Mailbag" is in need of your questions! Feel free to drop him an email at

BallHype: hype it up!

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