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April 18, 2010

Ubaldo Jimenez Throws Season's First No-No

To me, milestones are what make the baseball season interesting. No doubt, I like seeing my team win and certain players reach different levels of achievement...but it's the milestones that keep it fun.

Since Ubaldo Jimenez threw his no-hitter Saturday against the Atlanta Braves, you've undoubtedly heard plenty of different fun facts about the what the young righty accomplished.

Most was the first no-hitter thrown by a Rockies pitcher. Sure...two have been thrown against Colorado...but this was the first by one of their own.

And before you ask, the New York Mets, San Diego Padres and Tampa Bay Rays are the only teams to have not no-hit their opponent.

Of the 264 no-nos that have been thrown, Jimenez is the only hurler with a first name starting with the letter "U".


And with his no-hitter, Jimenez because just the fourth Dominican pitcher to accomplish the feat.


San Francisco Giants pitcher Jonathan Sanchez threw the first of two no-hitters last season (Mark Buehrle threw the other) and even though he is a product of Ohio Dominican University...he doesn't get to join Juan Marichal (1963), Ramon Martinez (1995), Jose Jimenez (1999) and Ubaldo Jimenez on the list.

But, even with all the fun we have with milestones, I'm reminded of Matthew Futterman's recent column for The Wall Street Journal.

Basically, he wonders if baseball is running out of milestones and I agree to a point. Too much milestone coverage seems to diminish the big ones...but I think milestones themselves are one of the reasons that makes baseball so much fun to follow.

Check it out HERE and decide for yourself.

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