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May 3, 2010

Baseball Road Trip of a Lifetime: Baltimore and Washington

Years ago, in what was probably the last true family vacation of my youth, we went out east to our nation's capital.

We drove and stopped everywhere we were supposed to. We caught an Indians game at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium, saw the Amish in Lancaster County, skipped Baltimore and ended up in DC.

All the while, I was in the backseat knocking out scores upon scores of Strat-O-Matic games at a feverish pace.

Good friend of The Hall Navin Vaswani is in the midst of his own trip across the country and his latest sojourns found him taking that same route down I-295 that I took many a year ago. And like in many a city, Navin learns that Yankee hating is alive and well in Baltimore and that the Expos are all but non-existent in the District of Columbia.

Read his account of Camden Yards HERE and his re-cap of his stint in Washington HERE.

You can follow Navin's exploits on Twitter at
@eyebleaf or visit his piece of the interwebs over at Sports and the City.

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