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May 10, 2010

Batting Stance Guy: First Team All-Mustache Lineup

A few months back, I was tasked with something by my friend Gar (aka "Batting Stance Guy") help him come up with as many facial-hair-laden baseball players as we could.

After a few minutes swapping emails and IMs, we had compiled quite a list. Tom Brookens, Rod Beck...the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers!

Now, firmly entrenched in Mustache May, YouTube wunderkind (and now can check out his book Batting Stance Guy: A Love Letter to Baseball over
at Gar Ryness is here to bring you his First Team All-Mustache Lineup.

***This past February, I had the chance to catch up with "Batting Stance Guy" and put his thoughts to paper, er, the internet. Check out the interview HERE.***

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William said...

For some reason, I don't remember Schmidt with a mustashe. Must be a mental block. Another HOF third baseman was Wade Boggs who definitely always had a stache. That would have been a good stance to see too.

His winfield was classic!

Jesus Melendez said...

I don't remember Schmidt WITHOUT the mustache. The American Mustache Institute had a great interview with the formerly permed All-Star over at their site.

Check it out!